The Taste of Gamelan

Melbourne Community Gamelan (MCG) produced ‘The Taste of Gamelan’ concert on 12 September 2016, choosing gamelan pieces about food. We have produced a booklet with recipes for the food related to the gamelan pieces. Teachers and students can now cook the food, listen to the music and sing the songs.

The recordings of the food-related gamelan pieces can be accessed on MCG’s YouTube channel.

The recipes are ordered according to the music brackets in the concert. Both the words of the Javanese songs and a translation are included.

Further details regarding ways to use these recipes are available in the Introduction, together with vocabulary about cooking.

Introduction and cooking vocabulary

Bracket 1:

Musical piece:   Ladrang Jagung-Jagung Slendro Manyurå—instrumental piece (Corn on the Cob)

Perkedel jagung (corn fritters)


Bracket 2:

Musical pieces:             Lancaran Emblèg-Emblèg Duduhé Tapé Slendro Sångå (Chunks of Juicy Tapé)

                                          – Srepegan Dhendheng Kenthing Slendro Sångå (Spicy Beef Jerky)

                                          – Srepegan Slendro Sångå

Ampyang kacang jahe (sweet of peanuts and ginger)
Lumpur tape (moist cake made with tape, fermented cassava and coconut milk)
Dendeng Balado (beef dish)


Bracket 3:

Musical pieces:             Gendhing Madu Waras Slendro Sångå (Healthy Honey)
                                           Langgam Petis Manis Slendro Sångå (Sweet Shrimp Paste)

Sambal petis dengan gorengan tahu (beancurd and spicy sauce)
Jamu (ramuan kesehatan) kunyit madu (health drink with honey and turmeric)


Bracket 4:

Musical pieces:             Lancaran Ris-irisan Telå Slendro Sångå (Slices of Cassava)

                                          – Ldr Bibi Tumbas Timun Slendro Sångå (Aunty Buys Cucumber)

Kue klepon (moist sweet, rolled in coconut)
Sayur asem kacang merah dan timun (sweet and sour soup with red beans and cucumber)


Bracket 5:

Musical pieces:             Ladrang Rujak Jeruk Slendro Sångå [rujak jeruk is a citrus fruit salad with a spicy sauce]

                                          Lancaran Cengkir Legi Slendro Sångå (Sweet Young Coconut)

Rujak buah jeruk Bali (citrus fruit salad)
Cengkir manis (sweet made with young coconut)


Bracket 6:

Musical pieces:             Ketawang Madumurti Slendro Manyurå – The Essence of Honey

                                           – Lancaran Srabi Sålå Slendro Manyurå (Srabi is a coconut pancake, a speciality of Solo, or Surakarta, in Central Java)

                                           – Srepegan Pelem Pelem Mentah Slendro Manyurå (Green Mangoes)

Serabi Solo (coconut pancake from Solo)
Tumis mangga muda (salad made with young mango)


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